LED Display

LED lighting

The use of LED lighting is a very effective way to bring “life” to display materials and to lift them above the crowd of other products and displays that are non-illuminated. The main three used for LED lighting are:-

  • Edge lighting
  • Spot/down lighting
  • Back lighting

Edge Lighting

Used predominantly with clear acrylic to highlight the edges of the material to get a glowing effect. This can also be used in conjunction with engraving into the surface of the material. This gives a similar glowing/lit effect to logos or other engraved elements.

Edge lighting can also be used in shelving applications for visual effect or back-lighting to products on a shelf.

Spot/down lighting

Often used in showcases and counters to highlight specific products inside a case or counter. Can be used from the side or top of a shelf/case and can be concealed or shrouded so fixtures and fittings aren’t overly visible.

Back lighting – light boxes

Back lighting can be used on wall panels and shelving to achieve a glowing effect. However, this is predominantly used in lightbox/lit signage and can be single or double sided. This process has a very wide range of applications including:-

  • Shop fronts
  • Under awning signage
  • Branded displays – counter, floor standing or wall mounted
  • Gondola headers or other features
  • Used with opal acrylic cut lettering/logos and coloured acrylic or self-adhesive vinyl tops to create a “halo” effect.
  • There’s a very wide range of LED uses and applications. Let us know hat your trying to achieve and we can work towards achieving your goal.