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Product Code Product Description Price
Counter Standing Menu Holder DOUBLE SIDED
CITA3PMH A3 Portrait Menu Holder $26.00
CITA3LMH A3 Landscape Menu Holder $28.00
CITA4PMH A4 Portrait Menu Holder $9.90
CITA4LMH A4 Landscape Menu Holder $10.50
CITA5PMH A5 Portrait Menu Holder $5.50
CITA5LMH A5 Landscape Menu Holder $6.00
CITA6PMH A6 Portrait Menu Holder $3.50
CITA6LMH A6 Landscape Menu Holder $3.80
CITA7PMH A7 Portrait Menu Holder $2.35
CITA7LMH A7 Landscape Menu Holder $2.70
CITDLMH DL Portrait Menu Holder $4.60
CITYLMH DL Portrait Menu Holder $4.60
CITA4MHBCH A4 Menu Holder with Bus. Card Holder $15.80
Counter Standing Menu Holder SINGLE SIDED
CITA3PSGL A3 Portrait Angled Display $25.00
CITA3LSGL A3 Landscape Angled Display $26.00
CITA4PSGL A4 Portrait Angled Display $8.80
CITA4LSGL A4 Landscape Angled Display $9.20
CITA5PSGL A5 Portrait Angled Display $4.50
CITA5LSGL A5 Landscape Angled Display $4.90
CITA6PSGL A6 Portrait Angled Display $3.10
CITA6LSGL A6 Landscape Angled Display $3.40
CITA7PSGL A7 Portrait Angled Display $2.15
CITA7LSGL A7 Landscape Angled Display $2.50
CITDLPSGL DL Portait Angled Display $4.30
CITA3FPSGL A3 Flat Pack Portrait Angled Display $22.50
CITA4FPSGL A4 Flat Pack Portrait Angled Display $7.80
CITA5FPSGL A5 Flat Pack Portrait Angled Display $4.20
CITA4BCH A4 Angled Display with Buss. Card Holder $14.00
CITA5BCH A5 Angled Display with Buss. Card Holder $10.00
Outdoor Brochure Holders
CITA3OUT A3 Outdoor Brochure Holder $80.00
CITA4OUT A4 Outdoor Brochure Holder $45.00
CITA5OUT A5 Outdoor Holder $35.00
CITDL OUT DL Outdoor Holder $30.00
Wall Mounted Poster Holder Sleeve
CITA3PSLV A3 Portrait Poster Holder Sleeve with Holes $15.00
CITA3LSLV A3 Landscape Poster Holder Sleeve with Holes $17.50
CITA4PSLV A4 Portrait Poster Holder Sleeve with Holes $7.30
CITA4LSLV A4 Landscape Poster Holder Sleeve with Holes
CITA5PSLV A5 Portrait Poster Holder Sleeve W/TAPE $4.20
CITA5LSLV A5 Landscape Poster Holder Sleeve W/TAPE $4.30
Wall Calendar
CITW ALLCALS Wall Calendar Brushed Silver $65.00
CIT WALLCALBK Wall Calendar Black $60.00
CITWALLCALWH Wall Calendar White
Round Corners Snap Frames (32mm frame)
CITA4SF A4 Snap Frame Silver\Gold $34.55
CITA4SFBK A4 Snap Frame Black $31.25
CITA3SF A3 Snap Frame Silver/gold $41.35
CITA3SFBK A3 Snap Frame Black $37.85
CITA2SF A2 Snap Frame Silver/Gold $49.40
CITA2SFBK A2 Snap Frame Black $45.00
CITA1SF A1 Snap Frame Silver/Gold $61.25
CITA1SFBK A1 Snap Frame Black $57.30
CITA0SF A0 Snap Frame Silver/Gold $97.56
CITA0SFBK A0 Snap Frame Black $93.20
Effective March 2010


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