Floor Standing Display

Counter top space is always at a premium so many customers look to take advantage of available floor and wall spaces. If you were taken a minute to browse some of the other topics covered you will see that there is a myriad of customizable options when it comes to these two aspects of display.

From our perspective there is no such thing as a “standard product”. There are off the shelf options available but what has been made for someone else does not mean it will suit your purpose or application.

  • Product: Phone & Batteries Recycling Tube
  • Material: 4.5mm Grey Acrylic, 20mm HDPE Black, SAV
  • Processes: Fabrication & SAV
  • Industry: Recycling/sustainability
  • Product: Colgate Floor Stand
  • Material: 3mm Foam PVC & Aluminium Tubes
  • Processes: Fabrication & Digital Printing
  • Industry: Health care

Customization is the key word within floor standing displays. The best way to look further into the possibilities is to give us a call and start the conversation.