Sneeze Guard – COVID19

Sneeze guard for checkouts, reception areas and other customer assistance counters

We need to protect ourselves, our staff and clients from exposure to, and infection with, the coronavirus, COVID-19. No matter where you go one thing is constant in business; companies are trying to reduce their client interactions.

Not solely because of COVID-19 but also during flu season many people with compromised immune systems fall ill and can end up with serious complications. Why have safety measures not been implemented to reduce these instances?

This is where City Plastics is focusing its’ efforts. We have been designing and manufacturing counter top acrylic barriers that will help to safeguard the health of all concerned.

The fast and affordable solution to reducing the spread of viruses!

Sneeze Guard – Standard Size

 820mm W x 780mm H in 3mm in clear acrylic

Sneeze Guard – Custom Made

width and height in clear acrylic

Counter top safety screen – Sneeze Guard – Standard Specification

Standard size: 820mm W x 780mm H; in clear 3mm acrylic

Price: $150

Additional Info

Clear Acrylic with smooth polished edges.

Light weight and easy to handle and install.

Counter top safety screen – Custom made

Custom made in clear acrylic to better accommodate your checkout, reception or customer assistance desk. Large cut outs for EFTPOS machine & stock scanning or small ones for documents & cards.

Site assessment and installation available on request. Please give us a call to discuss your needs.

Spread the word

Reach out to your friends, family, and entire network particularly those who are in the health care sector to spread awareness of the Covid-19 Sneeze Shields.

Our Gallery

There is a very wide range of businesses where close personal contact is needed. Some of these include petrol stations, grocery stores, coffee shops, pharmacies, banks, fruit markets, real estate, retail stores, beauty salons, healthcare clinics and many other businesses that have everyday interactions with one another that can benefit from sneeze guard panels.

Counter Safety Screen can help businesses to operate more safely! Give us a call.