Timber/Wood Fabrication

There are several timber and timber based materials that can be incorporated into display products as component parts. The three main types are various solid timbers, medium density fibreboard (MDF) and timber ply. Not limited to but some are as follows:

Solid timber. A wide range of soft and hard woods that can be used. Many of these varieties will vary in colour and grain so can give an “individual look” using the same material. Can be left raw or be stained and/or clear coated. Not usually painted which hides the natural grains and features naturally occurring in the timber.

Medium density fibreboard. MDF can be used in its’ raw state but is more commonly used as a laminated product. There is a very wide range of colours, textures and woodgrain finishes available. Left in its’ raw state MDF is a sandy/beige colour. This can be painted or finished in polyurethane (think kitchen cupboards and doors) into a wide range of decorative colours.

Timber ply. It is constructed of several (number can vary greatly) layers of thin material to create various thicknesses of finished sheet. The several different types of ply sheet available in soft and hard woods. They vary in surface grade and finish and can be used in anything from featured wall or display panel components, display boxes and plinths, shelving etc. Ply can be left raw to give a natural, rustic look or be clear coated.

  • Product: Timber Flooring Display
  • Material: 18mm Black MDF
  • Processes: Timber Fabrication, SAV Screen Printing
  • Industry: Construction
  • Product: Bucket Display
  • Material: 18mm MDF
  • Processes: Timber Fabrication, Spray Painting & Screen Printing
  • Industry: Beverage Industry

There is a wide range of timber materials available. Give us a call and let us know what you’re trying to achieve and we can guide you through the selection process.